Colouring Competition Winners!

As many of you are aware, this February half-term was our ever-popular Lego event! The museum and all the staff and volunteers would like to thank everyone who came along and we’re pleased that so many people were able to come along and enjoyed their time here.

One of our new additions to the line-up this year was a colouring competition that we held daily. So many talented young people came in and created some absolute masterpieces. It was difficult to choose the winners and we had so many to choose from, we needed to show you some of the others that were awesome too! Well done to everyone that entered our competition, it was truly hard to judge!

Here they are….The Master Builders/Colourers

This Amazing Spider-Man was created by Alex, aged 5. We think that his attention to detail is wonderful, we saw him using so much concentration and taking his time…Marvel would be proud!

This creation is by Archie, aged 5. We especially like the way he’s drawn the t-shirt to be ripped and torn, it’s very creative!

We really like the colour scheme of this drawing by Ekin, aged 8. Purple is one of our favourite colours at the museum!

Eleanor, aged 6 made us all smile with Lego Sheeran! In fact, I think he might be better than the real Ed Sheeran.

Elliot, aged 8, took one of the museum’s favourite colours, blue, and made this wonderful drawing! We especially like his red hat.

This colourful figure was made by Esme, aged 6. We especially liked the bright-coloured hair and trousers on this lovely picture!

To go with our other Marvel creation, this amazingly terrifying Venom by Finley, aged 10, had everyone at the museum impressed.

Frankie, aged 9, managed to make a really fun looking minifigure that we are all desperate to have in our collection!

We instantly loved this creation by Isaac, aged 8. It was a fantastic idea to put a plane on his jumper!

This talented artist blew us all away with this depiction of a Spitfire Pilot, which they spent some time researching. Safe to say that he’s right at home at the museum.

What we love about this picture from Jake, aged 5, is the amount of colour he used, you can never have too much colour!

Jayden, aged 4, also used every colour of the rainbow and more in his drawing! We especially love the way he’s made the stripes on his shirt and boots.

This drawing caught everyone’s eye. The patterns and colours used by Joseph, aged 9, are just incredible!

Marcus, aged 6, wowed us all with his great Star Wars inspired drawing of the Mandalorian! The helmet is our favourite part!

Matthew, aged 4, not only did a wonderful drawing of a minifigure in an RAF jumper, but he also provided us background illustrations and we love that smile!

We really like the shirt and the purple shorts that Tommy, aged 6 has put on his creation of Han Solo

Verity, aged 5 has created a lovely minifigure, with colours that go together beautifully. It also has a bow, and who doesn’t love a bow!