NAAFI Emporium

logo of NAAFI Emporium (gifts for the home)

Hand Crafted Gifts

Located inside the NAAFI Café, our Emporium aims to share our crafters hobbies and creations to our visitors for purchase.

Our products range from cards and memory books to crochet and clothes – suitable for all occasions.

If you are interested in displaying your own handmade creations, please email us for further information

Share the Joy

Assisting our Emporium, we also have a selection of second hand books, DVD’s (£1 for 3) and Puzzles (£3), all the proceeds from these are put into funding our events, and Dig for Victory gardening fund. This is also assisted by our new Haberdashery, where crafters donate unused craft tools and supplies.

All donations welcome, please deliver via the NAAFI Café

Dig For Victory


We have a “Dig for Victory” community garden project where we hope to grow our own produce to use in the café and offer surplus to the public for donations to re-invest into future crops. We are also accepting any volunteers who would like to assist us in growing our garden.